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Linda Hughes


Quiet, charming, versatile — these are words which aptly describe Linda Hughes, age 11, one of the four new Mouseketeers appearing on TV this fall. Linda, who has great talent as a dancer, specializing in tap and toe dancing, also loves to sing light, bouncy songs. But most of all she enjoys twirling a baton—something in which she has become very skilled. This she began when she started performing with Marine Corps and Navy bands greeting the arrival of returning servicemen at San Diego. In 1955 and 1956 alone she appeared in approximately 100 USO shows. A charmer with long brown tresses, Linda now lives in North Hollywood with her parents and her brother, Douglas. She is in the sixth grade. She loves animals and has five pets: two dachshunds, “Katrinka” and ‘“Shoulders”; a cat named “Scarlet”; a turtle, ‘““Pimiento”; and a parakeet, appropriately named “Noisy Norbert.” [1]

Linda Hughes (11): 4’5” and 71 lbs. [2]

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